The Devil Is A Liar (New)

Robb Steel
Krazytones Productions



Krazytones Productions Presents .. Robb Steel ''The Devil Is A Liar'' The First Single From The ''Shadow Skillz'' Mixtape Album .. Available On Digital Stores Nationwide 11/23/2007. The greatest lie the Devil pulled was convincing the world that there was only one of him.You will find the lies in the light and truth in the dark.Truth will never shine from a heart filled with corruption and lies.The truth is, the Devil's job is easy Devil's primary lie that deceives humanity, keeps it in spiritual infancy and causes more suffering than anything else is the lie that selfishness is fun and unselfishness is not. The origin of sin and suffering is faith in Satan’s lie (which began in Genesis 3) that life and joy come from disobedience to God, from “my will be done not God’s.” At the far end of that lie lies hell- The Devil Is A Liar Custom Art Graphics By @Krazytones Krazytones Custom Graphics/Photography For Rate Sheet And Details On Graphics/CineGraphics/Photography/Audio Production Visit - Krazytones Productions ''Your One Stop Spot''


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