Unreleased (New)


Released 2016
Krazytones Productions
Released 2016
Krazytones Productions
From tracks that were lost,misplaced or just simply never released dating as far back as 1998. Feat some of the ill lest rappers from all over the states that ever step into thee Krazytones Productions Recording Studio ... Live,Sick And Dope Tracks..

One glance across the Hip-Hop landscape myriad of gimmicks and gangsters,rhymes without reason and overblown materialistic bling.A sprinkling of real talent appears on the horizon every so often and KRAZYTONES Is rising like the sun,ready to shine brighter then most.In his latest single ''Kill The Beast'' KRAZYTONES Imparts his street smart and old idiotic ways to a grown wiser Man to an underling like a Hip-Hop Pancho Villa.He doesn't candy-coat the risks of rising to fame amid predators and haters.But KRAZYTONES Conveys an acumen that he can elevate his Hip-Hop prodigies without them having to compromise or sell there souls.He is not new to the game and can hold his own with the baddest male and female rappers who dare to pass him a mic.KRAZYTONES Knows the power of his presence and is proving that he doesn't need to conform to be recognized and respected. His hunger for him craft his matched by his tenacity to be true to himself and his legion of Fans.KRAZYTONES Story has been unfolding for many years and unfolding till this day.He draws on the tragedies that life's journey brought into his childhood to create triumphs that ultimately defines his artistry.His music is his mirror an his image defies stereo-types..His bold tattoos-Bald headed,and baggy clothing is his natural style and bold stage presence compliment his convictions to stay true to himself and his fans.

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