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New Oz''Land Of Lost ''(Slurred Spoken Word)Album Available Nov,1st




 KRAZYTONES ''Kill The Beast'' Feat The Eagles Official Video

 KRAZYTONES ''Pain Is Love'' Video (Psychedelic Remix)  2016.

 KRAZYTONES ''Life Goes On'' Video (Screwed) Album Vol 1. 2016.

KRAZYTONES ''Pain To Anger''Video (Screwed) Album Vol 1.2016.

 KRAZYTONES (Screwed) Album Vol 1.(Click On Image)To Download 2016.


KRAZYTONES Tha (Unreleased) Album (Click On Image) To Download 2016.


KRAZYTONES ''Lost And Found''Album (Click On Image) To Download 2011. 


KRAZYTONES ''Exitos En Espanol''Album(Click On Image) To Download 2012.



KRAZYTONES''Promo Tour Mix Tape''Album(Click On Image) To Download 2014.